Masseria Asciano is well-known for the production of extra virgin olive oil, cultivated and produced according to the principles of organic agriculture

Surrounded by 17.000 olive trees, Masseria Asciano is well-known for the production of extra virgin olive oil, produced according to the principles of organic agriculture.

We produce three types of olive oil:

Sweet Fruity olive oil -‘Fruttato Dolce’

It is an oil produced from the olives of the Apulian centuries-old olive trees. Ideal for all sort of cooking use as well as to season dishes for sophisticated palate.

Sweet Mild Olive Oil – ‘Fruttato Amabile’

It is a mild and pleasant taste oil that matches every kind of dish. It is recommended for mildly strong flavour lovers. It is suitable for both raw and cooked dishes as it enhances their natural characteristics and nutritional properties.

Bitter Fruity ‘Fruttato Amaro’

It is a strong olive oil with a bitter aftertaste that leaves a pleasant itching in the mouth. Recommended to strong tastes lovers who adore smelling the aroma of the oil on the table.
It is possible to attend the olive oil production processes. We also organize guided tours to the oil mill as well as oil tasting tours to discover the authentic local flavours and the methods of production to obtain an extreme high quality extra virgin olive oil.

A strong bond connects the Asciano family to this land. It is a 50 years lasting tradition that brings genuineness and simplicity to our tables. The oil cultivation undergoes a production cycle characterized by the only essential natural landmarks to reach the complete maturation.

The so-called ‘yellow gold’ undergoes only few steps in order to maintain its organic essence, keeping out any agricultural chemicals.
This is the way in which the olive oil is produced in the Masseria Agriturismo Asciano, located in Ostuni, Apulia.
This amazing land stretches along 70 hectares between the Adriatic sea breezy coast (only 5 km away) and the windy hill of the magnificent Ostuni, also called the White City (only 4 km away).
Our olive oil is grinded according to the tradition and using the latest generation machineries.
This oil shows all its characteristics through guided tastings. It is an olive oil touched by the sunbeams that weave together with the majestic trunks of the trees, also called “The Giants of the Mediterranean Sea”.
It is a land that speaks for itself and that the Asciano family’s love for this land has treasured it, cultivating and caring every single olive, without wasting anything, not even the scraps of the olive oil production (such as the olive nuts, used as fuel to produce energy).
The precious nutritional properties of the Asciano olive oil is also important for its sensorial and organoleptic characteristics that help in the prevention of the lipoproteins oxidations and free radicals. Moreover, positive biomedical effects have been demonstrated also for the cardiovascular cycle.
It is for all these reasons that the Asciano oil is a fundamental element in the Mediterranean Diet.

Surrounded by 17.000 olive trees, you will rediscover the pleasure of being at the centre of the rural culture.

Fruttato Dolce

Fruttato Amabile

Fruttato Amaro


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    The park of the olive trees, Masseria Asciano

    “he majesty and the greatness of the olive trees consists of being evergreen plants as they never stop their production cycle.
    An olive tree will never abandon you, even if you may neglect it, even if you don’t water it, it will not dry out, if anything, it will not produce good oil, yet its beauty lies in never abandoning the land that gives it life.”.

    You will walk in between the ancient olive trees and you will spend a relaxing holiday, away from the city chaos and close to the seaside.

    Following the paths that stretch along the 70 hectares of the farmer estate we can reach the Park of the centuries-old of Masseria Asciano.

    ‘The Giants of the Mediterranean’, the centuries-old trees that have been existing in the area since 1400, will make you experience a strong bond between the nature and who admire its beauties.
    To make the most of your relaxing holidays you can choose one of our fully equipped holiday houses. In the 17th century, these houses used to be the rooms of the Masseria and which nowadays have been restored into comfortable and simple furnished apartments.

    Along the path and around each apartment there is a variety of aromatic plants such as chilli peppers, Mediterranean spices, ideal to flavour dishes, citrus trees to make fresh juice and fruits to cool yourself down from the summer heat.
    You will surely have the opportunity to have tasty barbeques, enjoying your meal under the big gazebo where you can admire the interweaved trunk of one of the most ancient olive trees. Children can play and have fun in the playground immersed in the nature. In addition, sports lovers can allow themselves pleasant walks or bike ridings among the olive trees.

    The Masseria farmhouse opens the doors of its magnificent Park of the Olive trees, ‘Parco degli Ulivi’, offering its guests the magnificent view of the sweep of centuries-old olive trees, cultivated according to the organic farming methods that uses exclusively natural products.