The Asciano Masseria

Sun, scents and tranquillity of an holiday in a ‘Masseria’, the typical Southern Italian farmhouse

The Masseria Asciano, dating back to the 19Th century, is passed on from one generation to another, and not only in terms of property but also in terms of culture, traditions and passion.
Today the Masseria is still immersed in a splendid estate boasting a grove of 17.000 centuries-old olive trees.
The architecture preserves the integrity and the authenticity of the past, thanks to a complete restoration and requalification of all the spaces and facilities that join up on the inside of the olive tree grove. Our complex has: a citrus tree-garden and open spaces as well as indoor spaces for courtyard animals. The building at the ground floor is constituted by large rooms characterized by stone arches which ancient people realized only using their skills to arrange the blocks of stones, so-called “le chianche” that were set one above another without the aid of any cementing and beam.
Many different activities used to take place here, according to the different seasons of the year, following the rhythm of nature.

Within the olive tree grove there are located other buildings assigned to different services: warehouses, barns, sheds for the harvest and houses for seasonal workers. These abovementioned buildings have been restored and turned into facilities of different categories and levels in terms of comfort (nella versione italiana: togliere coNfort e sostituire con COMFORT) privacy and aims of the stay at the Masseria.

The sound of train tracks in the distance, the breezy wind among the olive trees, the scents of a oven just opened, the genuine flavours of Mediterranean cookery.
The warmth and the smile of the Asciano Family and of their parrot Cocò will welcome you to Apulia!


The facility of the ancient Masseria Asciano, intact in its rustic beauty, will offer you a peaceful and relaxed break from city chaos